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I'm 32 and I have double lips when I smile. It's very unattractive. I'm thinking of doing something about it. Please let me know what procedures can be done and any additional info would be greatly appreciated. I live in Southern California so if there are doctors out there that specialize in this area, please recommend. Thank you.

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There are multiple treatment options for a double lip

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Multiple options exist. You will need to be carefully examined so that the doctor can determine the best procedure for your specific situation. I am located in Beverly Hills. We would love to have you come in for a consultation so I can determine what procedure you should look further into. You can contact my office at 310-657-2203. 

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Lip reduction might be the answer for you

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If your lip hangs over or is simply too big or as you are saying has a double configuration you might consider having a lip reduction performed.  This is my specialty, and i perform a lip correction/reduction several times a week.  90% of my patients fly in for this procedure and can fly back out the same day since the sutures are dissolvable.  I posted a link to my website for my before and afters and more information along with a video of the after care, which is a topic of special interest to many who are interested in having this procedure done.


Dr. Sam Lam
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