Protruding Upper Lip Which Looks Awkward

I had an accident when i was 9, left side jaw bone fractured and it dint grow. but the right one grew normally and since there is no balance between two jaws, this right one a bit towards the left. overall my jawline looks fine but i have this protruding lip problem. What can i do to remove this. Added to this i have long nose which can be fine if i get rid of this protruding lip. doctors please help

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Lip Reduction May Be The Answer for You

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I am specialized in reducing lips.  I do many ethnic or non-ethnic lip reductions along with tons of corrective lips for bad previous procedures.  Although I cannot guarantee that your upper lip will be less protrusive than your bottom lip, it may be a way to go for what you are desiring.  The upper lip would be thinner and less full as part of the result, which you would have to be comfortable with.  Also, when you smile, you may show more gum.  For women and some men who do not mind a fuller lip, I can build the bottom lip with a permanent solution like silicone micro treatments to make the upper lip look relatively smaller and less protrusive.  Finally, you should be evaluated for dental abnormalities.  Sometimes the upper lip is more protrusive because the teeth have an overbite.  Something to think about.  Below please find examples of lip reductions and a news story in which I was featured last month.

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Protruding lip

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You really need a consult for this to figure out what is going on.  A cephalometric exam will show the relatiuonship between the mandible and maxilla.  In addtiion a physical exam and photo analysis will help determine what needs to be done to correct what you think is a protruding lip.

Upper lip and rhinoplasty surgery

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Your question is cannot be fully answered without a face to face examination. The upper lip can protrude in front of the lower lip due to muscle distortion of the lip, upper to lower jaw bone relationships and/or the inclination of the upper teeth.That information is not in your post. With respect to the nose there is a small hump on the bridge at the bone cartilage junction and a bit of notching of the outer right nostril rim. There are surgical manuevers in rhinoplasty surgery that can address those areas. If there is a horizontal line over the central upper lip when you smile then it is tethered and there are surgical maneuvers for that as well.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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