Lower Lip Lift to Correct Lower Tooth Show

Is there a procedure, besides injectables, to raise the lower lip higher on the lower gum line, or to pull it in closer to the lower gums. I would think you could cut and reattach. I do not know how far down is the "norm" for the lower lip to attach to the gum, but my lower lip droops down and shows too much of my lower teeth when my face is relaxed.Injectables in my opinion would only increase the weight of the lower lip and make it droop more. My bottom lip is quite full already.

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Lower lip lift

Excellent question. Lifting the lower lip to cover exposed lower teeth is a problem that we've not yet solved. I have transected lower lip depressor muscles and tried V to Y plasty and W plasty procedures with limited success. Vertical reduction genioplasty may theoretically help, but I've never tried it. If you figure this out, please let me know. I will keep thinking about possible solutions as well.

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Lower lip

i would love to see photographs to see what the problem looks like. if the problem is due to the platform, or the bone structure, it will dictate a different aproach than if it is a soft tissue problem

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