Polishing or "buffing" dull teeth?

Two of my front teeth are dull because i feel as scuffed the surface of them (They aren't chipped and are structurally fine, no damage... just scuffed and dull). Can the dentist polish the surface of them to make them smooth and shiny again? They tried at my last cleaning to use the rotating tooth brush to polish it but that didnt work... is there some sort of other burr or tool that can polish them?

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Polishing dull teeth

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I would have to see your teeth in person, but to answer your question-- Yes.  There is usually a way to polish and smooth teeth to make them look and feel smooth and shiny again!  

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Polishing Dull Teeth

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Yes, there are ways to polish your teeth and get them to be smooth and shiny again. We use special diamond impregnated wheels to accomplish that and it works very well.

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