How are my front two bottom teeth so yellow & is there a way to whiten them? (Photo)

My 2 front bottom teeth are extremely yellow while the rest of my teeth are white. I know I had a eating disorder when I was young and dumb so I don't know if that has played in effect but if it has, is there a way I can whiten them?

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Stained Teeth

Hello there! Thank-you for sharing your picture - a professional clean would be a great starting point for you as it is very likely that there is extrinsic stain which can be removed very simply by polishing.  This is a simple, inexpensive and very conservative option.If this makes little difference, it may be that the stain or discolouration is coming from within (we call this intrinsic discolouration) and this can sometimes happen as a result of trauma where the nerve tissue inside the tooth becomes damaged.  Some tests and X-rays may be required to ensure that the nerve tissue is healthy before any other treatment like whitening or veneers would be considered but because veneers are not reversible, they would not be our first option for treating discolouration.

I hope that this helps answer your query.

Stained teeth

Hello. When was the last time you had them cleaned? They look to be out of alignment which can lead to stains building up very easily.  Crowding also leads to difficulty in daily cleaning with a toothbrush. If you haven't had them professionally cleaned in a while, start there and then a complete evaluation of the situation can be done. If they are still stained after a professional cleaning, I would highly recommend straightening them with something like Invisalign or conventional Orthodontics. Once strsightened, I would recommend veneers if they are still Stained. I hope this is helpful. Let me know how things turn out. I'm curious.

Dental veneers

Hi, thanks for write... Porcelain veneers is great option for you, but you need to go to a good dentist. Good luck 

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Stained lower teeth

I suspect from your photos that these can either be polished or that simple bonding can brighten them to match your other teeth. If you have not had a cleaning lately that would be where to start. Eating disorders typically affect the upper teeth more more than the lower teeth. Good luck!

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