Syringoma persist after CO2 laser?

I had a Co2 laser done 6 days ago around my orbital area and some scabs have slowly come off.However, I noticed that the skin underneath appears to still be elevated and bumpy like it was before the treatment. Is this normal? Will it flatten off over time? My doctor told me that I require only one treatment to get rid of it. Do I need a second treatment?

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Syringomas and CO2

Yes some syringomas persist after laser. This depends on the DEPTH of the syringoma and the penetration of lasers. I use CO2 in some patients, or erbium lasers in others. If one goes too deep 'chasing' syringomas in this area, scarring can results. I have seen a few cases done in Asia where by the doctor tries to remove every syringoma, only to give scarring. I tell my patients that I may not get every lesion, and that recurrence is possible. Wishing you well, Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. 

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CO2 resurfacing

A bit hard to answer without a photo; however, I will say that it is not uncommon to require a couple of treatments with CO2 resurfacing.  This is an excellent modality to treat syringomas - but they can also be stubborn sometimes.  Often times also it becomes hard to tell where all of the lesions are with the local anesthetic present.  Bottom line you may need more but this is expected in my opinion.

Joshua E. Lane, MD, MBA
Columbus Dermatologic Surgeon

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