Orthodonist didn't tell me what is wrong with my teeth and I need an explanation for my case. Please Help! (photo)

i got my braces yesterday and i see that my bite doesn't seem right. My orthodonist did not give me any elastic bands plus i do not know why they put the cement on my molar teeth, they are very annoying and i cannot chew my food. Is this the correct placement for my case? Please explain what is currently wrong with my teeth thank you.

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Braces placed yesterday

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Braces involve a process of widening your smile and straightening teeth. It needs to happen slowly to not damage the roots of your teeth. The bite will change with every wire you have placed. 

Call the drs office and go in to make sure the cement is ok and to answer questions you have after the braces were pleased. 

Best st of luck with your future smile!

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