With Lupus, is It Ok to Have a Chin Implant Put In, As Lupus Doesn't Like Foreign Objects?

My Rhuemy said it was okay for me to have rhinoplasty, but I have not asked about a chin implant. Diagnosed in November, I am doing quite well with my Lupus, I now function as i have before. I take plaquenil 200mg 2x a day. I have looked online and have heard that lupus does not like foreign objects. I don't want to take a chance if my body will reject the implant. Is it possible that I will get an infection, or rejection of some kind?

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Chin implant and lupus

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I would suggest you ask your rheumatologist about having a chin implant. If an implant is not recommended you could consider a sliding genioplasty which uses your own chin bone and advances it forward without an implant. Inert titanium plates are used to hold the bone in place. Sliding genioplasty is a very powerful technique, offering more augmentation options (can augment in more than a forward projection) but does have a somewhat longer recovery period. The incision is made on the inside of the mouth so the scar is hidden.

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Chin Implant in Patient with Lupus

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There are different forms of Lupus and therefore ask your rheumatologist about the silicone chin implant. I agree with Dr. Joseph - I'm not aware of any problems with these implants

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In general, silicone chin implants do not exacerbate autoimmune diseases.

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I read your concern. It may be difficult to specifically answer whether or not a chin implant might exacerbate your lupus. You should certainly ask your rheumatologist and follow his advice.

In general, I am not aware of silicone implants causing a flare-up of SLE or any other disease process. If you have a retrusive chin and proceed with mentoplasty surgery, silicone chin implants are easily removable in the event you experience problems after placement.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Regards from NJ.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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