Lumps from Botox?

I've had Botox a few times on the forehead and around the eyes - with no issues until the last time 3 months ago. 2 weeks after the injections, I got a very large lump on my forehead (larger than a quarter - round,extruding 1/8 inch). I thought it was some sort of insect bite, but I keep getting them and only in the areas where I had Botox injections.

They usually resolve in 2 hours. No pain - but sometimes preceded by slight itching. I can't think of another cause. Could this be a Botox side effect?

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Injection technique

Im not totally sure what is going on with you, but I have an idea.  Sometimes when I do Botox, I put in enough that a bump appears.  I massage it in but sometimes it stays for about an hour. That sounds like what you are experiencing.



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Unlikely from Botox

It is possible to get a lump after an injection but this would occur immediately or within a few hours. It could be due to the volume of the Botox raising the skin surface. If it coincides with bruising then there may be a small hematoma under the skin. This could be from the needle penetrating a vein or small artery. Even an allergic reaction, (which is rare), would occur within the first few days. A lump arising two weeks after the injection does not make sense and I have never seen this in the 14 years I have been injecting Botox.

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Lumps from Botox

Lumps occur from Botox injections due to the amount of solution delivered with the injection. The greater the dilution of the Botox, the larger the lump. They always resolve in a few hours. 

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