Why is my face on the right side not so aligned with my left side? (photo)

When i see myself in the mirror, I see what no one else can see but when I use two mirrors I get to see what others see and that's when I noticed the biggest thing ever in my face was asymmetrical. I have had a friend notice it since I made her look at it. My left side looks amazing, the eye is lifted and the cheekbone looks great, while the right side looks like it is slowly melting away. I'm now scared to death about this because its now something i'm self-conscious about. What can I do to fix it?

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Face asymmetry

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Thanks you for your question. It's difficult to see in the distance of your photo just what you're talking about. It's been my experience that almost everyone has some degree of bony facial asymmetry. In our office we take a three-dimensional photograph that can be split into two left's and to rights and comparing that look to the center photo which is the actual one. Inevitably there is one thin face and one wider face. These small asymmetries can be dealt with with a variety of soft tissue fillers. As young as you are you might want to consider fat grafting because it will be there forever. There are certainly a myriad of other choices like hyaluronic acid's, Radiesse, or Sculptra. I would recommend you find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your region with expertise in cosmetic  facial surgery. Best of luck.

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Why is my face on the right side not so aligned with my left side?

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Up to 80% of people are born with some degree of facial asymmetry, and it is actually more common in "beautiful people" i.e. models and actresses. However, lifting the check/face and filling it to be more symmetric can be accomplished with Juvederm Voluma®. As this is an advanced procedure, please consult a board certified aesthetic dermatologist for a consultation. 

Manjula Jegasothy, MD
Miami Dermatologist

Facial Asymmetry

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You would have to provide a more closeup picture of good quality to show your facial asymmetry better. The one picture you have provided is too far away to see your concerns.

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