Big hole in teeth & little holes at the top of other teeth? (Photo)

Im 21 years old. History of terrible teeth in the family. Looking to find out what the course of action would be for this big hole in my front teeth and how much it would cost to fix it. I also have little holes at the very top of a few of my teeth I can't seem to figure out what's causing them. I've made a real effort to take care of my mouth the past few years and it seems to only be working against me. I'm hoping there's a way to fix this smile

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Holy Teeth

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You have cavities in your teeth. You need to be seen by a dentist and deal with this issue on 2 fronts. You need to fix the teeth while at the same time, address the reason for your getting the cavities in the first place. This means proper brushing and flossing along with using a very strong fluoridated toothpaste. Also, using something (like chewing gum) that contains xylitol can be used on a daily basis to prevent future cavities. Be proactive and get your teeth taken care of!

Holes in teeth

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hi,  thank you for your question and photo.

it looks like there may be some decay present on the tooth were you are seeing the larger hole and dark area. it would be good to visit a dentist and have an exam done to evaluate the extent of the decay.  depending on how large the decay is, you can either have a tooth colored filling or possibly a veneer/crown done.

the little "holes" appear to be weaknesses in the enamel.  there are many things that can cause that, some are but not limited to acidic foods/drinks, build up of bacteria, mouth breathing.

all the best to you!

Melissa Chun, DDS
San Bernardino Dentist

Holes In Teeth

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Great Photo!

Your holes in this picture are cavities. The decay on your front tooth is particularly deep!

I am glad you are taking care of your teeth. What would they be like if you were not?

The foods you eat and the beverages you consume play a big part in the health of your teeth.

Additionally, how often you brush and floss your teeth (these areas of decay are between your teeth = flossing

cavities) as well as how often you have your teeth professionally cleaned, are crucial to good dental health.

See a dentist immediately, find out what needs to be done and how to care for your teeth and gums, work out

financial arrangements, and get healthy again! It is the best investment you can make!!!

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

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