PPP Removal with CO2 laser? (Photos)

Hi,i'm from Europe-Croatia-Caucasian 24 yrs old, i see on internet you guys are real experts,i would appreciate your opinions about my case.I had "PPP" Removal with CO2 laser 4 months ago, i think treatment was kinda more rough than normal(it hurted for 20 days),it was all done by 1 treatment,and now for past 20 days little dark brown to black spots-depends on light appeared on my penis head but on other spot(arround pee hole and from it to the end of glans penis-vertical tiny lines).Thx,Petar

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Getting to the right treatment for Penile Pearly Papules removal

It is best you see a dermatologist. It is difficult to determine from your photo and a formal evaluation is needed. If necessary, this can be treated in the offfice and  easily removed by laser or electrical dessication. Best, Dr. Emer

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