Redness after fractional CO2 laser

I had a co2 laser treatment 7 months ago. And it's still red where laser used. But not so agressively. I don't wanna get another treatment for this, because last 7 months was nightmare for me. I just wanna know, can this redness go away itself in time? If we think the worst scenario, redness can be permanent?

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Post C02 Treatments

The CO2 laser is a very powerful laser that resurfaces your skin, stimulating collagen.

The CO2 laser removes small columns of tissue in your skin in which new skin is generated (leaving those lines that you notice). Some of this regeneration happens immediately, but the bulk of the collagen will generate within three months. To protect your newly generated skin, it is crucial to follow your performing practitioners post op instructions to optimize your results. Redness can persist for several months so it is not totally uncommon at your stage of healing. If you do feel concerned, contact your plastic surgeon for an in person evaluation of the condition of your skin.  In the meantime, continue persistent use of sunscreen and keep the skin hydrated at all times. 

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Redness after fractional CO2 laser

Thanks for your query. Co2 laser comes with a downtime and it varies with the energy used. It generally subsides completely in 4-6 weeks; if it is still persisting you should visit your dermatologist or the treating doctor for the same. There are multiple topical formulations which help with the redness but the best suited for you can be known after physical examination. Nothing is permanent in dermatology so be relaxed and show it to your doctor and that can be taken care of. Hope it helps.

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Redness after CO2

Don't worry! You are still on the tail end of what "normal" is considered.  Healing after laser is multifactorial - energy used, density of spot treatment with fractionated laser, your skin type, your usual healing pattern, etc.  After a month, the skin starts to fade - its a sign of the beginning of the "remodeling" phase of collagen within your skin.  This can take up to a year or more to complete.  Hang in there, keep your skin hydrated and make sure you are wearing a sunscreen that is not irritating your skin! Best of luck.  

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Redness after co2 laser treatment

Thanks for your question. Typically after fractionated laser resurfacing redness subsides significantly over the ensuing weeks and months. Redness after this type of laser treatment is due to the increased vascularity of the skin during the renewal process which takes 6 months to a year. As always check with your physician if you are concerned and make sure this  isn't due to any  medication or skincare product that is being applied after treatment.

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Redness after Fractional CO2 laser

Don't worry!  It's on the long end of normal to still have redness after seven months, but from a microscopic perspective, the healing process takes twelve to fifteen months. It just means your collagen layers are still reorganizing and tightening.

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