Will Losing 40 Pounds Affect my Breast Lift with Implants?

i had a breast lift with implants two years ago, but i want to lose the 40 pounds i have gained! will that make my breasts look wierd? I have very small implants for volume one is 120 ccs and the other is 150 ccs. i am a 38D now. I have always been a 36 full C without the surgery.

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Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy and Weight Loss?

Yes, I think your breasts may change with 40 pound weight loss. You may find that they are smaller in size and/or more  ptotic.  Nevertheless, I would encourage you to achieve your long-term weight goals and deal with the breast changes if they occur.

Best wishes.

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With a 40 pound weight loss, I would be concerned that you could

With a 40 pound weight loss, I would be concerned that you could develop a double bubble type deformity. However, it is more important that you lose the weight and cross that breast bridge when it is appropriate.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Significant Weight Loss MAY deflate the breasts

Significant weight loss may deflate the breasts to SOME extent but it is impossible to accurately predict its extent. However, if your health could be improved by the weight loss, go ahead and do it without speculating about what may happen to your breasts.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Weight loss and changing breast size and shape

In general, a small amount of weight loss should not affect your breasts too much. Forty pounds, however, is not a small amount of weight. Since you have very small implants and large breasts it would appear that the majority of your breasts size is made up of breast tissue.

Therefore, your breasts will be more likely to change with weight loss than if they were mostly implant. Still, I would recommend that you lose the weight as there are health benefits to your weight loss. If your breasts change in an unappealing way (which may and may not happen) you can always have a revision. You will still benefit from the weight loss. Chances are your breasts will still be quite lovely after 40 pounds of weight loss.

I hope this info helps!

Adam Rubinstein, MD
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Weight loss and breast shape

It is hard to predict what your breasts will look like after you lose 40 lbs.  If your breast has a significant fat component you  may see a noticeable change size.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Weight gain following breast surgery

A 40 lbs fluctuation in ones weight will likely result in some changes in the appearance of your surgically enhanced breasts.  It is difficult to say what that may be.  It is important for your health to get rid of that excess baggage.  You can always deal with the changes in your breasts after the weight is off.  You may need a minor tweaking of the shape of the breasts after your weight has stabilized.  Good luck.

Todd B. Koch, MD
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40 lb weight loss will probably change the outcome of your surgery

Hi there-

I would be surprised if a weight loss of the magnitude that you are planing did not change the shape and size of your breasts at least a little...

Whether or not the change is significant enough that you want to do something about it, however, is another story.... It may be that the change is relatively subtle and you remain pleased... It is even possible (although unlikely) that you are pleased with the changes that occur...

Most likely is that your breasts appear more deflated and droopy after this larger weight loss, and that you decide you want a revision to restore your best breast contour.

I would emphasize to you, however, that this should not be a reason to NOT pursue a healthier lifestyle- if you have 40 pounds to lose, you could not help but be healthier for it.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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A "weighty" issue

Dear Peebles,

It is difficult to say what the outcome of your breast shape will be after a 40 pound weight loss.  It depends on how much fat is in your breast verses breast tissue.  This is way I like patients to have a stable weight (close to ideal or desired weight)  prior to any body or breast contouring surgery.  You will just have to wait for the end result.  

Good Luck

Dr. ES

Weight loss and breast shape

40 lbs is a significant amount of weight and most likely it will affect your breasts in some shape or form.  Everyone loses weight in a different pattern and you may not be affected as much as another person. 

Having said that though, forty pounds is a significant amount of weight and you will likely see changes in your breasts, which may require some kind of surgery later on....? breast lift.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Breast changes with weight loss

There's no crystal ball here but I'd say that 40 lbs of weight loss will affect your breasts with volume loss, and skin laxity.  Only one way to find out though...

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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