Will Breasts Stay Perky with a Lift Without Implants?

I'm a 21 yr old mom. Pregnancy isn't so great on breasts. I went from 34DD-34C(current size). I'm ok with the size. I just want my breasts to be more lifted, firm and full-as they used to be before breastfeeding. I'd love to not wear a bra, n them stay perky. Can I achieve this look w/out implants?

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Perky breasts possible in a lift without implants?

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The degree of perkiness available varies with each person depending on their skin elasticity in the breast and the amount of breast tissue volume they have following pregnancy. If you have sufficient breast tissue and reasonable skin elasticity in the breast area, then you may be able to avoid an implant. Your plastic surgeon can evaluate you and help you figure out what will best suit your body type and specific anatomy.

Huntsville Plastic Surgeon

What a breast lift does and doesn't do

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A breast lift, regardless of how it is done, does not give the breast "perkiness" in the usual sense of that word. A breast lift (mastopexy), properly done, only elevates or repositions the breast and its attached nipple-areola while tucking the excess skin underneath like a dart in clothing. It does not specifically fill in the upper pole of the breast. It doesn't give it forward projection. It doesn't tighten the skin or give it support that will keep it from sagging further from the effects of pregnancy, weight gain/loss, or aging. 

A breast implant is best thought of as pillow volume that can give the appearance of perkiness. It does fill in the upper pole of the breast. It gives it forward projection and can round it out. Breasts look bigger when they are lifted but there is no change in volume from a lift. Implants add to the apparent volume of the breast with a minimum cup size increase of one cup. 

Some feel that implants or perhaps their size or weight cause breasts to sag further. I don't agree with this. However, breasts that have sagged by age 21 are highly likely to sag further in the future whether lifted now or not. 

One other consideration is whether the breasts have truly sagged enough to justify a lift procedure. They may just have lost volume and an implant is the way to go for now since lifts will not give perkiness anyway. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Full breast with breast lift alone

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If you have fullness in the upper portion of your breast, then a breast lift will give you a perky shape. However, after pregnancy, most patients have lost fullness in the upper part of breast and require an implant to provide shape to the upper part.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Perky Without Implants is Tough

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In reality, it is hard to make the breasts look perky with just a lift, no matter how much breast tissue you have of your own.  To achieve the upper pole fullness that so many women want, you often need the implant underneath to maintain that look.  Initially the breasts will look perky without implants, but after a few months, as everything settles and stretches somewhat, you lose that upper pole fullness.  Without the implant underneath to add shape, the breasts can look somewhat empty in the upper pole areas.  I hope this helps.

Perky lift without implants

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"Perkiness" is a relative term. If you have enough breast tissue to mold, then conceivably it can be done. I f you want larger breasts, then you will need an implant as well.

Perky with lift alone

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First, you are young, so be sure that you are finished having children.

It is possible that you can get perky and remain perky with a lift alone.  It is worth a try.  A lift will re-shape the breast, and create a slghtly smaller breast.  The problem is that there will be decreased support.  It is well worth a try to get what you want without an implant, and if needed, an implant later.

Perky breasts with a lift and no implants

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No matter what kind of a lift you have, in order to have a full round upper pole ("perky") you will need an implant.  Otherwise you can just use a push-up bra plus a lift and achieve the same look.  The patients who need lifting have poorer elasticity and every kind of lift will leave you without upper pole fullness without an implant.

There are a variety of breast lifts

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Breast lifts come in a variety of types- some simply remove skin to reposition the nipple, and some fundamentally alter the architecture of your breast and redistribute breast volume, raise the infra-mammary fold, raise the nipple etc. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to examine you and plan a breast lift. The results won't last forever, but in general, the more extensive breast lifts that re-arrange breast tissue have the best longevity.

Breasts will stay perky only with vertical internal breast lift.

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It all depends how the breast lift is done.  It is often done by removing skin which tightens the "skin brassiere".  But skin stretches, and the breasts fall in a few months.

We use the vertical lift (Lejour technique, lollipop scar) which shapes and lifts the breasts from the inside, without relying on skin tension.  This produces long term good shape.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

“Perky” Breasts Without Implants?

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 Thank you for the question and picture.

 It is hard to give you good advice without direct examination but most patients your age who are asking for “perky” breasts end up having breast lifting and augmentation surgery. Often, there is a deficiency of breast tissue to allow for sufficient fullness without the use of breast implants.  You may want to consider postponing surgery until you have completed pregnancies.

When the time is right, do your due diligence,  in the process of selection of plastic surgeon. 

Best wishes. 

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