Twin Block Appliance to Reduce 8mm Overjet in Adult?

I had braces for 4 years with unsatisfactory results, and am left with a 8mm over jet. Is it possible to use a twin block appliance to move my lower jaw forward as an adult? I will not consider lower jaw surgery. How would I find an orthodontist that successfully uses functional appliances in the Seattle area?

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Functional appliances for an adult

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All a functional appliance will do when used by an adult is move bone changes...If you had such a large overjet after braces I'm guessing that you have a very severe skeletal problem.

  There is a limit to how far you can move the teeth to compensate for a poor bone some point surgery is the only way to correct severe problems.

There are a few doctors who believe functional appliances work for adults...I would be very leery of this approach..In 30 plus years of practice I have never seen it work!

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