Can I get that a wider smile with Invisalign alone? (photos)

Hello, Is there anyway to broaden my smile/ Arch of teeth and get rid of dark spaces? I went to Consult an Orhto today and was informed that invisalign alone wouldn't widen the V shaped Arch of my teeth and that i would need (SFOT) Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy along with my invisalign treatment in order to achieve the best results. Im considering the procedure, just never heard of (SFOT) or propel so i need other opinions, Is this Necessary to achieve that broad "hollywood" smile!?

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Invisalign alone is the perfect choice

Invisalign can be successfully utilized to expand your arch in the 1st and 2nd premolar areas of your maxilla to broaden your smile and give you what you are hoping for. This is the best way because your teeth will remain completely natural and will not have any porcelain or composite bonded to them which will eventually stain, chip or break off.

Can I get a wider smile with Invisalign alone ?

Looking  at your smile, it appears that   your front 6 teeth give a very nice appearance .   Another consideration besides Invisalign or orthodontics would be to have veneers placed on your first and second bicuspids on each side. This would allow your smile to be broadened in a short period of time.   For the veneers to be done because they are going to be brought outward,  there would be minimal preparation or filing of teeth necessary to prepare them for acceptance of the veneers .   Building a wider smile with porcelain veneers is a procedure that is commonly done with great success .   Another option would be chair side resin veneers which would give you the same appearance but would be done with a resin instead of porcelain .   This would be less expensive and done in one short visit .  you could ask your dentist to place composite on your first  and  second  bicuspids as a mock up to give you a preview of how it would look.  This would allow you to decide if this would give you the look that you are trying to achieve  before you proceed with treatment .

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