Can Invisalign fix my over/under jet? (photos)

I looked into braces about 15 yrs ago and orthodontist wanted to break my jaw. It scared me and I never pursued any further. I've never been able to have a nice smile and it definitely affects my confidence

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Invisalign Can Help

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Absolutely Invisalign can improve your bite. Correcting this malocclusion (bad bite) can prolong the life of your teeth. It can create proper lip support, prevent premature enamel wear and recession cause by traumatic
occlusion. In my office as I accelerate orthodontic cases with Invisalign and Propel, I can treat most cases like this in under 6 months.

Newton Dentist

Fixing an overbite/underbite

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Good morning jendain,

It appears that improvements to your smile could undoubtedly be made with Invisalign.  The important thing to keep in mind is that in this day and age, we have learned to use Invisalign in similar ways to how we use braces.  That is say, in conjunction with your Invisalign treatment, your dentist/orthodontist would ask you to wear rubber bands to help address your overbite issue.  The Invisalign aligners do a wonderful job of straightening the teeth WITHIN each jaw (top/bottom), however the rubber bands are required to establish the proper alignment BETWEEN the jaws.

I hope this information helps!  Best of luck with your new smile!

David Sherman, DDS
Manhattan Orthodontist

Vampire Teeth

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Great photos.

It is impossible to give you a full diagnosis without seeing you and X-Rays.

With that said, your upper 2 front teeth are leaning in toward your tongue and need to be brought out toward your lip. The back teeth on the top arch are also pointed in toward your tongue. 

When all these teeth are brought outward toward your cheek and lips, MORE teeth will show in your smile. Your lower front teeth can then be brought forward into proper alignment.

You will find you have a very nice smile.

Your self esteem will improve, and your confidence will skyrocket!

Don't put it off any longer. Go see an orthodontist who does Invisalign as well as traditional wire braces. If you don't like the first opinion, get a second opinion. 

Move forward with your dream. You will absolutely love the results!  

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

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