My aligners feel loose (day 3)?

The first few days were excruciating...and this morning had me feeling mildly grumpy. I took my aligners off at work a few hours ago, ate, and put them back in...but now the top aligner feels loose? I feel like I have to suck the saliva out of them because they don't feel airtight anymore and spit is pooling in them. I've tried pressing them in tighter with the chewies but it isn't I really have to go the next week and a half sucking spit out of this loose aligner?

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Not unusual

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That usually means you've been wearing them! 

Most patients experience the movement of the aligners for the first 2-3 days because that's when most of the teeth movement happens. The rest of the aligner time is meant to hold and retain that initial movement for 2-3 weeks before you're due for your next aligner.

If however they didn't fit from day one then you might want to check with your dentist/orthodontist to make sure everything is going well.

Best of luck with your treatment!

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