Can I use Sculptra for hip augmentation?

Ok so i have literally zero hips and zero waist thanks to me being 100% i do have a booty tho 34-28-39. So im curvy from the side but no front/back curves :((( im an exotic dancer part time and seeing so many curvy women is intimidating. Im in good shape n lipo suction bbl was done to me 2 yrs ago...i dont want to gain weight again for lipo. I also havent seen good results w hip implant either. So im thinking of semi permanent fillers?

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Sculptra injections for hip shaping

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Yes, Sculptra injections are a great option to increase hip curves if surgery is not an option.  A series of 2 sculpra treamtents spaced 6 weeks apart are performed in the hip area.  Final results are seen 3 months after the second treamtent and can last over 2 years. 

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra for hip augmentation

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Sculptra, or poly-l-lactic acid, is a bio-stimulatory filler approved for volume loss in the face; its use on the body would be considered off-label.  Although there have been several studies using sculptra on other areas of the body, results vary dramatically and are usually minor.  The biggest impediment to using sculptra off of the face is the need for numerous treatment and vials that would make it cost-prohibitive in most cases. 

Kyle Coleman, MD
New Orleans Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sculptra for hip augmentation

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your concerns.  Very few physicians do Sculptra to begin with as this is a much more nuanced injectable product compared to the traditional dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm. Even fewer will consider Sculptra for body contouring applications as there are reasonable surgical alternatives such as fat grafting.  I use quite a bit of Sculptra in my practice, and although the majority is for the face, I do use Sculptra quite a bit for body work as well, particularly for thin patients who don't have fat grafting as an option and are looking for subtle improvements in the shape and contour.  A physical exam and a detailed assessment of the goals can help determine whether you are good candidate for Sculptra.  At times, for patients who have some donor fat (but insufficient to achieve their full goals) I also combine Sculptra with liposuction / fat grafting to further help patients achieve the shape they are looking for. 

Sculptra for Hip Augmentation

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Thanks for your question. Sculptra is FDA-approved for the face. For body sculpting, procedures such as buttock augmentation or fat grafting would be good alternatives. Please find and visit a board certified plastic surgeon for consultation.

Dr. Mentz

Henry Mentz, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra and Other Fillers for Body Sculpting

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I find sculptra works great for buttock and cellulite but not for hips. This is where fat is needed. I suggest seeing a body shaping expert who does a significant amount of fat injections.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Sculptra for hips

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As my colleague has pointed out, Sculptra is only approved for facial injection.  While it could theoretically be injected elsewhere in the body "off-label" it would be somewhat impractical.  Consider that it takes several treatments of several vials to achieve some volume in the face, and the difference in thickness of the tissue may only be millimeters.  It is unlikely that injection would produce an appreciable change in volume and contour to the hip.  As you have had a good experience with fat grafting in the past, you may want to consider the technique again.  Know that hips would not require as much fat as buttocks do, so you may have an adequate donor site without needing to gain weight.  Good luck!

George Bitar, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Can Sculptra be used for hip augmentation?

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Sculptra is FDA-approved for use on the face but not the body.  It could potentially be used on the body, but this would be considered an off-label use that not all physicians would perform.  I would say the main issue with potentially using Sculptra on the hips would be cost.  Because the hips comprise a relatively larger area than the areas that are normally treated on the face, much more of the product would be needed to perform a treatment.  Sculptra treatments also require multiple treatment sessions to obtain the desired result.  The potential cost could easily reach to over $10,000 or more and there would be no guarantee of the results.  Sculptra studies show results on the face but I am not aware of any studies involving the hips.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sculptra for Body

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There are no good studies for using Sculptra in different areas of the body.  The potential for nodules and other unpleasant side effects would urge you to stay away from this product except for use in the face.  Sculptra is a great product for facial volume.  Best, Dr. Green

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