Is it safe to mix Mirvaso with an OTC hydrocortisone cream?

Is this a good way to reduce the redness and irritation some people experience when first applying Mirvaso. Is it safe?

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Mirvaso can be mixed with hydrocortisone cream, but you shouldn't really need to do that.  Mirvaso is a topical medication used to treat the redness of rosacea.  Mirvaso is generally well tolerated.  Some patients, especially in the first few weeks of treatment, report experiencing "rebound flushing", which means that, over the day, as the medication is wearing off, flushing can appear to return worse than it was to start with.  This is not entirely the case, since often the patient may have forgotten just how red they were!  However patients sometimes report that they have experienced something along those lines.  Hydrocortisone cream will not help with that issue.  For those able to continue treatment, despite initial flushing or irritation, they find that Mirvaso is well tolerated over time.  Be well!

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