What is the best RF treatment for delicate eye area?

Hi there I am 42 with olive skin and not a lot of wrinkles but definitely some developing around/under my eyes and just some thinning of skin in the area in general. I'm interested in doing an rf procedure and am going between pelleve and thermi. Is one better than the other for going into the delicate eye area? Can either be used on the top lid as well? Is there more risk with thermi because it can get hotter? Thanks!

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RF preference

Thank you for your question. The RF ( radio-frequency technology) is the same regardless of the device and the company which manufactures it. If you are interested in a treatment of your eyes ( upper and lower lids), you can consult preferably a physician's office to provide you with as much information as necessary for you to understand and feel comfortable with it. The close to a maximal temperature utilized for a certain area with RF technology is dictated mainly by your tolerance to this type of treatment ( temperature/heat). Additionally, one should be patient since the effects with regards to wrinkles reduction are not instant, especially if a significant improvement is expected. RF technology works and gives satisfactory results if performed according to manufacturer (s) recommendations. Hope it helps.

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There is no difference in Pelleve and Thermi technology

Pelleve and Thermi are EXACTLY THE SAME TECHNOLOGY, just different companies. Get whichever one has the best deal. The weblink below has more info..


Michael P Goodman, MD

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