Best laser for hypertrophic scar/surgical scar? (Photo)

8 months ago i had a surgery on my forearm as a result I got a scar and its became hypertrophic ,since its in my forearm Its very bother me,I consider to do laser therapy. I went to few places one of them works with Fotona Dynamis and the other one with Palomar fractional 1540. Witch one is better and if there other lasers you would recommend?

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Scars pulse dye treatment

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There are multiple ways to treat this type of surgical scar- cortisone injections , lasers and topical silicone products work well. This scar should respond well to a combination of pulse dye laser treatments and possible Fraxel combination ( most systems work very well). Multiple treatment sessions are needed. Your scar should do very well with whatever treatment you decide. Remember to protect the scar  from the sun while considering your options.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser therapy for hypertrophic scars

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Your inflamed hypertrophic scar will respond well to our Hidef Scar Protocol which includes lasers, injections, topical Plato's Scar Serum, and massage therapy. Best, Dr. Karamanoukian
Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Best laser for hypertrophic scar/surgical scar? (Photo)

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Hi and thanks for your question. The best treatment is intermittent intralesional steroid injections into the scar,silicone sheeting and pulsed dye laser therapy. Make sure you see a very experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to taint the best cosmetic result possible. Best of luck.

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Scar options.

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Hi Ilona.  A laser is not the right treatment for you at this point.  Because of the very dense scar tissue you have, a steroid injection should be used first.  This will flatten the scar and soften the tissue.  It will very likely help with the redness as well.  After the scar has been softened and flattened, then laser options may be a good idea for redness or texture.  At that point we use a pulsed dye laser for redness and a Sciton Profractional for texture.  Take a look at the link below below for scar revision procedures.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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