I have read that Artas works best on straight black hair. Is this an option for gray hair? Wavy or curly hair?

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Artas Robot

The Artas works by identifying the park the pigment in the hair.  Therefore, I simply apply some temporary dark hair coloring to grey or light hair. I have found this always successful. Also, with wavy or curly hair I leave the hair just a little longer to see how it comes out of the surface of the scalp. The robot makes corrections in the hair variation quicker than I can manually. 

Overland Park Phlebologist
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ARTAS robotic system was approved by FDA for men with black straight hair. However we have treated men and women with white and curly hair. Usually we dye the white hair on the day of the procedure so the system can see the hair follicles. For wavy or curly hair we leave the hair a little longer. So to make it simple yes we can perform this procedure on any hair color or character.

Mahmoud Khattab, MD
Elk Grove Physician
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Artas Robot

I hold two key patents on the robot so I can be specific to your question. The robot's optics require that it picks up a follicular unit so that it can determine location, number of hair in the graft and the direction the hair is pointing. It can not see white hair, but as the hairs are cut very short (1mm in length) all hair at this length is straight so that wavy or curly hair which require a longer hair shaft to show their character, are all straight at the 1mm cut level. If the hair is gray or white, I generally dye these short hair with a black ink on the day of the ARTAS surgery so we can and have done white haired people if that is what you have. See link below for more information on the robot and our history with pioneering the FUE work in general

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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ARTAS is FDA approved for men with straight dark hair but works on other types

As you can see from all the answers, we all agree. White hair can be dyed so that the robot can see it. Wavy or curly hair is usually fine. Afrocentric hair can have variable curl under the skin surface so this requires a doctor who has experience in these patients to make adjustments for this type of hair.

Jennifer Krejci, MD
San Antonio Dermatologist
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ARTAS and Hair Types

ARTAS can be used on a variety of hair types. Grey or white hairs can be treated with hair dye prior to the procedure.  Wavy and curly hair can also be treated with ARTAS.  The ARTAS surgeon can change parameters to suit the hair type. 

Reza Nassab, FRCS (Plast)
Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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ARTAS for every hair type.

In my experience the ARTAS over the past 5 years, there are methods to apply ARTAS to almost every hair type including wavy hair, curly hair, gray hair or blonde hair.  I have treated all these and more so do not hesitate to seek consultation from a physician who has ARTAS for your evaluation and treatment.

Edwin Suddleson, MD
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Surgeon
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The Artas Robot scans the scalp and identifies the follicle with the pigment in the hair.  When a patient has gray or light hair, we add temporary dark hair coloring to the donor area.   The Artas is a tool, so important you find an experienced physician to harvest your hair, more so when the hair isn't straight.  Together with the Artas hair variation isn't an issue for a proficient physician.  

Bobbi D. Edwards, MD
Southfield Dermatologic Surgeon

With experience, ARTAS can be used with may hair types/colors

This is a good question.  The ARTAS flagship studies were on Caucasian men with dark straight hair.  This said, with an understanding of hair types, I have used the ARTAS system successfully on men and women of all ethnicity and hair types.  It's important that your ARTAS doctor has experience with your type of hair and how to use their robot to get you great results.  Good luck!

Justin Rome, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair texture/color for Artas harvesting.

The Artas works well on many types of hair.  However with lighter or gray hair we apply some temporary dark hair coloring. Also with hair that has a body or curl, we simply cut it a little longer to identify the direction in which it grows from the scalp. The robot then can make corrections up to 60 times per second to ensure the best harvesting possible. 

Justin Misko, MD
Lincoln Hair Restoration Surgeon
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ARTAS does work best on straight dark hair against a light scalp. However, if you have gray hair, we are able to use a temporary hair dye to assist the robot in identifying the follicular units. Also, the robot does do well with wavy or curly hair, the settings are adjusted based on the quality of the follicles extracted.

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
Chicago Physician

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