When does face stops shrinking after Ultherapy? How do I reverse this? (photos)

I got ultherapy 1 1/2 months ago. My face keeps shrinking. Skin is getting saggier as well but I believe from the loss of fat. When will this stop and how can I reverse it? Doctor did 900 lines at the highest setting. Face and around eyes. Stopped at Adam's apple area.

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Ultherapy has helped many of our NYC patients tighten facial skin with great safety and high satisfaction

I had incorporated Ultherapy in my NYC practice since it was FDA cleared many years ago. I appreciate the engineering and science that was used to develop this device in collaboration with a plastic surgeon and  a dermatology based Harvard affiliated technology laboratory. The ultrasound image allows me to constantly see the depth of penetration that the energy reaches making it a very scientifically-controlled treatment. I do not recall any patient feeling they lost fat from my treatment with Ultherapy. I, in fact, when it first was developed, intentionally tried very hard to reduce the fat underneath the chin of the neck in some of my patients and I never saw fat reduction. This is not to say it can’t happen, but it can’t be easily explained.

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Ultherapy side effect

Dear pat4567:

I am so sorry you are not happy with your Ultherapy treatment. It is important to monitor the ultrasonic images as the treatment is being delivered to ensure layers of fat are not being targeted (unless it is part of the treatment plan to reduce fat as well as tighten and lift skin, such as on the neck where there may be submental fullness).

You may wish to consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area who injects fat, or consider fillers to augment the affected areas.

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  • Hello, thank you for your question. I am sorry you are having problems following your treatment. I have read several of your other related posts. We have used this technology and our practice for the past several years with excellent results. We have not seen this problem and I would recommend you follow up with her treating physician. We generally tell our patients that their final results will be approximately 4-6 months following the procedure. If you are in fact losing fat you may consider some injectable fillers and/or autologous fat grafting but I would recommend this at a much later date. Best of luck.

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Ultherapy related volume loss - myth or reality?

Thank you for your question.

"Ultherapy disasters" are because the machines are China knock-offs that are done in non-supervised spas without medical directors OR done by non physicians.

Ultherapy is FDA cleared to treat laxity of the skin in the lower face, jowls and neck.

Read the Ultherapy ebook on the link below.

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