Emax Porcelain Onlay Okay to Adjust Chairside By Dentist?

I had an Emax porcelain onlay placed on a molar. Is it okay if the dentist needed to make adjustments to it chairside? I want to make sure there is no risk of fracturing the porcelain or somehow making the onlay weak for possible breakage later?

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Emax onlay adjustment

It is absolutely fine for the dentist to adjust onlay chairside. Emax is a pretty strong material that will tolerate high occlusal load.

An Ideal Bite is a Must When Placing any Porcelain Restoration

Adjusting emax porcelain is very normal both chair side and in the mouth.  Emax is a very durable and strong porcelain material that also has a very natural appearance.  An ideal bite as mentioned above is the most important factor when seating a permanent porcelain restoration.  Your dentist will often have your "bite" on little blue sheets of paper, equilibrating paper.  The blue paper will leave marks on your teeth allowing the dentist to know exactly where he/she needs to adjust.  I actually incorporate a T-Scan system to adjust my patient's bite.  This is a computerized U-shaped wafer that not only tells me where my patients are hitting high but also where they hit first, second, etc.... This enable me to adjust the bite completely and accurately ensuring a stable bite allowing our porcelain restorations to last long term.

Greg Friedman, DDS
San Diego Dentist

Adjusting emax is normal

Whether done in the mouth or chairside, this is fine, this is normal.  Emax is a great material and very strong or durable.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Emax Porcelain Onlay Okay to Adjust Chairside By Dentist?

Emax is a very strong material. It is very common that any new dental work needs some slight adjustment when it is fitted.

The most important factor is that the bite comes out very precisely. There would be more risk of a problem if the bite was slightly off.

Your dentist did the right thing.

Emax Porcelain okay to adjust chairside?

Yes, E-max is okay to adjust chairside.  The problem is if you need a major amount of adjusting it may remove aesthetic stains and tints.  Because E-max is a pressed ceramic, it is made from an ignot which allows the technician to apply all the beautiful stains to the surface.  A foil technique veneer or traditional veneer has the stains incorporated deep into the porcelain and cannot be removed with a simple adjustment.  Both porcelains can be polished to look great after any amount of contouring or adjusting is done chair-side.   Good Luck,  Dr. David Frey

David S. Frey, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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