Om3 Vs B1?

Hi im in process of getting 11 upper veneers done. Im worried about the contrast between top n bottom teeth im about a2 bottom teeth I had gone for om3 for the venners but it looked quite a big contrast to the bottom so im now contemplating dropping it down to b1. I do want top veneers to look stunning but its hard to get balance what do you think would b1 look better or stick with om3

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Color of Veneers

Have you thought about trying to whiten the lower teeth first? You might be able to get a B1 on the bottom teeth. Then if you have OM3 vs B1 the contrast may not look so noticeable.

B1 vs A2 is still noticeable and in my mind will look fake. 

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How about 50/50?

It sounds like you really want white teeth. Have you thought about venerating the bottom teeth too?  Then you could have OM3 on both top znd bottom and it would match. 

If not then why don't you pull the tops back just a little by going 50% B1 and 50% OM3?  I think you might not be happy going all the way to a full B1.


Mixing the shades is easy for the lab and a normal request for the dentist to make. 


Hope this helps.

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