What can be done to eliminate forehead veins and indentations created from them? (photo)

What can be done to eliminate forehead veins & indentations created from them? Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie etc have these forehead veins. They are so ugly & have created indentations in my forehead, which do not go away with just Botox. First- What procedures will eliminate these veins? Second- Interested in doing forehead lowering for my high square forehead, will this help reduce the indentations & what else can be done to round out the shape of my overly square & masculine forehead?

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Forehead veins can be treated with sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy

You need to show better pictures or seek in person examination as the picture you show does not show them well. You can come in for free consultation in Los Angeles. 

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Forehead veins.

The treatment of forehead veins is becoming more common in my practice. I treat these in the office under local anesthesia with  either sclerotherapy or or combination of sclerotherapy and disconnections through micro incisions at the hairline.  The results are cosmetically very acceptable.

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