Do any doctors offer v-line jaw reduction surgery in America? (Photo)

I only see jaw reduction surgeries in Korea, but is this surgery available in the US? I know there's botox to make the jaw look smaller but I'd like a more noticeable and permanent effect. If it is available in the US, do any doctors perform this type of surgery close to Los Angeles, and are the American doctors as skilled as the Korean ones when it comes to this surgery? Thank you!
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You can absolutely have your jawline reduced in the US

The most common route for surgery is through the inside of the mouth to shave down the outer portion of your jawline. This usually extends from just below your ear and stops about where the corners of your mouth are. From there, if your chin is wide or needs reshaping (sometimes vertical lengthening), an incision is extended into the chin area, avoiding the mental nerve (which gives feeling to the corners of the lips). Frequently I will obtain a 3D cone beam CT scan to review your anatomy and plan out the surgical cuts prior to surgery. A google search will help you find quite a few surgeons in the LA area that perform this surgery on a regular basis.

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V-line surgery

Yes, it is not so unusual for many of us. The recontouring varies depending upon the overall balance of the face. Slimmer 'angles' of the jaw and a change in the contour/height of the chin does change the facial shape notably. A Maxillofacial surgeon is a person to consult

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