Want a chin/jaw reduction for vertical height but afraid of it projecting my jaw forward. Will this happen? (photo)

I have a very long chin/jaw (both sides are different). I'm now in my early 30's & have decided to stop acting like I don't care. I don't mind the length from the side or projection so much as I do the vertical height from the front. I want it shortened & made softer (not so square and 'hard' looking). Should I be looking for a PS or maxillofacial? What result can I expect? I've seen pics of others and it seems like vertical reduction pushes their chin forward & gives a slight underbite. True?

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Vertical Chin Reduction

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Chin reduction can be done by a variety of techniques, either intraoral or submental approaches. Each chin reduction approach has its own advantage and disadvantages. When only needing a near pure vertical chin reduction, an intraoral wedge reduction approach can be used. The squareness of the chin edges can be shaved down during the same procedure. It is not true that a vertical chin reduction always makes the chin project further forward. It is important when reducing the chin vertically by wedge reduction that it is moved back slightly to avoid that perception. Chin reduction surgery is a rather unique and uncommon procedure that in the right hands can be done well, whether they are a plastic or maxillofacial surgeon.

Chin contour

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Your perception is appropriate: but it can be properly changed with a genioplasty and some recontouring of the adjacent jawline near the chin surgery. Consult a maxillofacial surgeon who do many of these procedures. 

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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