Possible 2nd BBL on petite girl? (photos)

I just had my bbl done 3 weeks ago. And I love my results so far. However, I know I can loose volume in the next few weeks to 6 months. I didn't have much fat to begin with, my doctor was only able to lipo my flanks and sacrum and my waist area to make it a bit smaller . Because I had no fat in any other areas. What would be my options if I wanted more volume in my butt?

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What Are My Options for Butt Augmentation if I Didn’t Have Enough Fat the First Time I Had a BBL?

This is a good question as thin patients often struggle to achieve the shape and projection of their buttock to achieve the butt they desire.  The majority of patients are extremely happy with the results of their Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer), however occasionally in very thin patients they do not achieve the shape and augmentation that they desire.  I typically make patients wait at least six months from their first surgery before deciding on any further surgery.  This will give the body a chance to heal and all the swelling to resolve.  First of all the liposuction from the Brazilian Butt Lift typically improves the shape so patients had some benefit from the first surgery regardless of the augmentation.  That liposculpting will help your final results when we improve your buttock. In thin patients with limited amount of fat I typically recommend butt implants.  The implants can be done alone or in combination with fat transfer depending if the patient’s individual needs, such as more sculpting or if there is available fat for transfer.  Some of my extremely thin patients do incredibly well with butt implants alone.  The implants will augment the buttock and hips.  It gives the patients more projection and an improved shape.   Please consult your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation procedures.  

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Possible 2nd BBL on petite girl?

Petite women can still rule the world!  Congratulations, and thank you for the photo! You're coming along nicely.The demand and popularity for buttock enhancement procedures in my practice is through the roof!  It’s allowed me to perfect my technique over the years so that I produce safe, reliable and long-lasting results that will age well with my patients whether it’s using fat only, gummy bear butt implants only, or both.  In the end, it’s important to choose whatever means necessary to achieve your desired goals for size, but more importantly shape! My patients generally seek to have a perky or curvaceous butt that is shapely, whether they are full-figured and voluptuous or petite types (like yourself), and everything in the middle.  Consider a consultation with a plastic surgeon who does all 3 major types of enhancements to understand all your options. Generally speaking, smaller frames with limited excess fat can utilize a combination approach nicely with gummy bear butt implants and fat grafting for an improved silhouette and volume.

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Possible 2nd BBL on petite girl?

Your options if you have no more fat to transfer would be buttock implants or filler. You want to wait until you are fully healed from your BBL before considering more procedures in that area.

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Wanting more projection following BBL

If you seeking more projection following BBL, you should consider a buttocks implant. Please see examples below.

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Had BBL but want more????

Hi Cyn,
Thanks for your question and photos. Your result looks great. I would wait until things settle and the swelling decreases before deciding on more. The only available current option is gluteal implants that can be done and placed under the gluteus maximus muscle. The carry a higher risk of complications that does fat, but that would be the only viable option. Some people place fillers but I would NOT recommend that options. If you wait, the in the future, Drug companies are creating fat that can be place into your Butt that is not your own. But its several years away. Good Luck and congratulations on your results!   All the best, Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS @BBL @ButtImplants facebook @breastdoctor twitter @docmata instagram #drcarlosmata Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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