Am I a candidate for Endoscopic Diastasis Recti repair? (Photo)

Am I a solid candidate for an endoscopic repair of a (presumed congenital) diastasis recti, and if so would a plastic or general surgeon be preferred? 30 yr old male, 6'1 168lbs, 7% body fat with no skin laxity or hernia. As shown, my stomach sticks out even at a body fat percentage as low as 5%. Since condition is not severe, I have no desire for a scar resulting from a mini tummy tuck. Thanks for answers and doctor recommendations

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Diastasis recti

Yes. You can see benefits from a laparoscopic, not endoscopic, Diastasis closure. That would involve 3 laparoscopic scars on your left side. And repair from the inside. The upper abdomen is clearly involved in a bulging. 

Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Diastasic recti in males with possible umbilical hernia

You have a normal appearing make rectus striation pattern and no diastasis.

You may, however, have a small umbilical hernia and should have an examination by a competent surgeon to ask about repair.

Umbilical hernia repairs have a very high recurrence rate in bodybuilders.  Sometimes an endoscopic repair (by a general surgeon from inside the abdomen) is very effective at solving that problem but does necessitate several portal entry sites (scars at various places on the abdominal wall).

Plastic surgeons tend to repair umbilical hernias through an around the belly button approach but the recurrence rate is higher.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a candidate for Endoscopic Diastasis Recti repair?

Based on your photos there is no evidence of a diastasis recti.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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