Loose Skin and Deep Wrinkle After TCA Peel

I performed a 20% TCA peel myself and ended up with a streak of loose skin, and a deep wrinkle that I never had before under one eye. What would be the best treatment for these?

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More TCA peels would resolve this problem.

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TCA peels do great around the eyes but ususally most people need 2-3 of 35% TCA peels. The first peel starts to lift off the dead aged and sun damaged layers and the skin turns dark and wrinkled before it comes off. If the peel isn't strong enough to lift it all off in one peel which I suspect is true in this case since it is only a 20% TCA, then some of the wrinkled,crinkley skin remains which can make it look as if you now have a new wrinkle or creases. This is a temporary situation and when you do the next TCA peel then the rest of the exfoliating skin will come off and the new skin will look smooth and pink. It may take 3 peels to get to this end point and you should increase the strenght to 30-35% TCA unless you prefer to do 4-5 more 20% TCA peels instead which will still work but take longer time to get to the end point. These peels can be done every 2 weeks and should be followed up with a cortisone cream twice a day for the first 1-2 weeks to reduce redness and swelling and a vit A cream like Retin A very sparingly every other night begining 1 week after the chemical peel to promote healing and finish exfoliation. Cost runs about $350/peel roughly and is soooooooo worth it.


David Hansen, MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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I suggest you visit a dermatologist

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Before you proceed any further, rather than risk making the situation worse, I would visit your dermatologist so he or she can visualize your concern. 

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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