Will a Loose Silicone Nasal Implant Eventually Stabilize?

I had rhinoplasty about a year ago. A silicone implant was used and it ended up kind of crooked and not that great. I noticed that adjusting the implant with my hands actually straightened out the implant little by little, and now a year later it actually looks good. However, now I have a new problem: the implant is still loose. Touching it will cause it to move and I'm guessing it's because I kept touching it. My question is, will it stay like this forever, or will it stabilize over time?

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Loose Silicone Nasal Implant

Hi coffee,  Unfortunately silicone implants can be mobile.  If it is not stable at one year after your surgery, it will likely not become stable over time.  If you like the way your nose looks, and the movement of the implant does not bother you, then you can leave it alone.  If it bothers you then it can be removed.  Should you have another implant make sure that the surgeon uses sutures to stabilize the implant.  Good luck and be well.  Dr. Persky, Encino,CA

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Loose Silicone Nasal Implant

It is unlikely that your loose silicone nasal implant will stabilize in the future. Be careful if you decide to leave the implant in place because it can ultimately extrude through the nasal skin. This is why I have not used silicone implants over the past 35 years; this is a common complication. I prefer to use the patient's own cartilage which becomes integrated with the surrounding natural tissue.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Loose nasal implant of silicone will probably not stabilize.

Loose nasal implant of silicone will probably not stabilize. You can wait 3 months with no manipulation and if it still mobile it will remain that way. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Loose Silicone Nasal Implant

I would suggest you avoid touching it and follow up with your rhinoplasty surgeon to ensure everything is ok.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
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Loose silicone implant in asian rhinoplasty

a loose implant is unlikely to become more adherent in time. if it bothers you, have it removed and replaced with rib cartilage.

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
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Loose Silicone Nasal Implant

My experience with silicone rubber implants is that, if anything, they become more loose and tend to migrate/shift more over time. This is of little cosmetic consequence so long as it stays in the midline -- but, as I said, it might shift off midline as time goes on.

The most stable type of implants are made from your own body's cartilage, either taken from the septum inside your nose, your ear or your rib.

Richard Parfitt, MD
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Loose silicone Nasal implant

It is unlikely to fix after I year.


I have used Tisseel fibrin glue to seal the implant in its correct position which can be a very minor procedure to fix it.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Possibility of mobility and migration with silicone implant

One of the disadvantages of silicone implants is that it remains as a foreign body in your nose, and does not become incorporated into it as your own cartilage would. With time it may stay the same, or it may become even more mobile.

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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