How Long Do You Have to Wait to Have Implants Exchanged for a Smaller Size?

I recently had breast augmentation with 400cc silicone highprofile implants under the muscle one month ago. I am very unhappy with my results, I am 49yrs old, 125lbs and my old bra size was 36A. I wanted to be a small C but now I feel huge. I had originally wanted 325/350 but with being excited to finally have this done and recommendations that going under muscle would reduce size 20% I ended up choosing 400cc and now really regret it.

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Best time to change breast implants to smaller ones

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If you truly want to go smaller, then the best time to change your breast implants with a smaller ones is very soon. the sooner you change your breast implants is better. this is because your body has not had enough time to make a  breast implant capsule. Never the less you have to know that breast implants change in terms of shape and size during the first 3-4 months after surgery.therefore, if you only want to go down by 10% then it is best to just weight for the swelling to go down.

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Time to exchange implants

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I would advise waiting between 4-6 months before implant exchange. Make sure that you haven't adjusted to your new shape before opting for smaller implants. There is definitely an adjustment process psychologically and at this point you still have postoperative swelling which could affect your impression of the result.

Breast implant revision

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I usually recommend waiting 3 months before deciding on changing implant size because there could be a lot of swelling still and as the implants drop they will look more natural and maybe more acceptable to you.

David E. Kim, MD
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Revision of Breast Implants

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I would ask my patient to wait 4-6 months before replacing the implants. Keep in mind that you are still experiencing some swelling. Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Revising breast implants is okay after the swelling has resolved

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I would wait about 4-6 months before going down in size.  This way, all of the swelling will be gone and then you can really decide if you want to go smaller.

Wait 3-4 months before deciding on changing breast implants

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While I am sure that you are concerned about the stretching of the tissues by waiting 3-4 months, the best thing is to give yourself that amount of time before considering whether to do an exchange or not.  It would be best for sure to not have more surgery.  Perhaps at 3-4 months with the swelling down you will like what you have.

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