How Long Should I Stop Retinoids Before Fetting Chemical Peels?

I Used Tretinoin And Had Flawless Skin. I Started Murad To Takr Care Of Minir Zits Here And There And That RUINED MY LIFE. Never Use Murad. Since Then, I Have Not Had The Same Effects With Tazorac. 4 Months Later. I Still Have HP And I Have Minor Ice Pick Scars. It Is So Depressing To Go From Flawless To I Want To Crawl In A Corner. I Have Been On Taz For 4-5 Months. HowvLing Should I Wait Before Getting Peels At My Spa? :)

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Retinoids and Skin Treatments

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I agree fully with the other doctors.  Make sure that if going to spa at all, it’s a “medical” spa that has a Board Certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist; they should be a skin professional that has an extensive understanding of skin. Without seeing pictures it is hard to see exactly what is going on so I recommend you set up a consultation with a physician such as above so they can fully evaluate your skin and the cause of any issues with it.


At that point they should recommend what would be the best treatment, whether it is a doctor grade peel, esthetician grade peel, laser resurfacing with CO2, etc. Once they have determined the treatment, they will let you know when to use and/or not use any retinoids. “Dr. D”

Chemical Peeling and Retinoids

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Most importantly, I recommend you have treatments done under the supervision of a board-certified physician in a medical office as opposed to at a spa. It is difficult to make recommendations about how to use retinoids prior to chemical peeling without knowing what your skin looks like and what kind of chemical peeling you are talking about. Depending on the situation, I very often recommend continuing retinoids right up to the peel so as to best prep the skin for the peel.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to make an appointment to see a board-certified dermatologist to evaluate your skin and help you get on a good skincare and treatment regimen that will address your concerns. 

Retinoids and chemical peels

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First, I hope the spa you are going to has a physician actively involved in your care. If not, don't go there, and find a spa that does. You are already dealing with some pretty serious issues and I'm not even sure I'd recommend you get chemical peels. Additionally, there are literally thousands and thousands of types of chemical peels, so it's impossible to tell you when to stop the retinoid without knowing what chemical(s) are being used, the amount of time, anything else being done, and your skin type. So, find a physician's office to help you and they will be able to tell you step-by-step what to do and when.

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