How Long Until You Can Sleep on Your Stomach After TT?

I have never been a back sleeper so I know this will be hard getting used to. Can I be on my side with a wedge pillow?

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How to sleep after tummy tuck

Every surgeon may have their own instructions so it's is best to check with your own surgeon. That being said, I recommend to my own patients to sleep with their tummy slightly lexed, or bent. Whether they are on their back or side it doesn't really make much difference as long as their tummy is bent in order to take the tension off their skin and make them more comfortable.

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Ask Your Plastic Surgeon for a Personalized Timeline

Sleeping on your back can become uncomfortable, and many people sleep better lying on their stomachs; however, after a tummy tuck, it's important to keep tension off of the incisions and surgical site. Before sleeping on your stomach, call your plastic surgeon for guidance. Each plastic surgeon personalizes aftercare instructions to the individual patient, so it's an important part of your relationship with your surgeon to get specific instructions.

You'll probably be best served by sleeping on your back or in a recliner position. When you sleep in a more upright, recliner position, your skin won't be pulled tight and the surgical area will be able to more effectively heal. Long story short, be sure to check with your surgeon before deviating from your aftercare instructions. After a few weeks, your results will be shaping up splendidly and you should be back to a much more normal routine.

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Sleeping On Your Belly After Tummy Tuck


In my practice, I tell my patients if you can stand up straight, you can try to sleep on your belly. This is usually 5 to 10 days after their surgery.  I also tell them that if it is uncomfortable, than don't do it.  Obviously, you can't sleep on your belly if you are anything but comfortable!

Please talk to your surgeon to make sure that it is ok before taking anyone else's advice!

Best of luck!

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Sleep position after tummy tuck.

Each surgeon has their own protocol for after surgery care, so make sure you discuss this with him or her.  In general, I allow my patients to sleep on their side or stomach as soon as they are comfortable to do so.  Good luck with your surgery.

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Sleeping on your Tummy After Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question.

Your plastic surgeon is the best person to guide you as to the best sleeping position due to your recovery process.  In general, my patients are usually ok to sleep on their sides (fetal position) weeks after having tummy tuck surgery.  Usually, it can take months before you are comfortable sleeping on your stomach.

I hope this helps.

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