How Long Do I Have to Rinse my Mouth with Salt Water After Dental Implant Surgery? When Can I Start Using Mouthwash?

I am 28years old and I had dental implant surgery yesterday. I don't smoke or drink alcohol. I want to know essential vitamins and minerals I should to speed up the healing process and also osseointegration.

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Saline rinses

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Salt water (saline) is a really good way to speed up healing.  Use it until there is no more gum soreness, usually about 5-10 days.  Most mouthwashes contain alcohol which might sting if you use it too soon

Norwalk Dentist

Salt Water Rinse

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It has now been 2 days since your treatment, you should be all set and can stop using the rinses.

Svetlana Novak, DMD
Natick Dentist

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