How Long Will Invisalign Usually Take?

I had Braces in high school, and now, four years later, one of my two front teeth is slightly in front of the other. Can anyone give an estimate of how long Invisalign would take?

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Invisalign will usually take 6 months or less

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If its only your two front teeth than about 6 months. We can do IPR or stripping between your teeth so they move past each other more quickly and will stay in place longer with a broader contact between them. Maybe when you're done you can have a small wire bonded in behind them to hold them in place for a couple years to make sure they stay there this time around. Good luck.

Los Angeles Dentist

Depends how much needs to be done

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The average case takes 11 months.  If the issue is minor, then Invisalign Express might be appropriate.  This is where the case can be completed in 10 aligners or less, which comes out to 5 months.

The next step is to be seen by an invisalign provider and see what is best for you.

Time for Invisalign treatment

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Every patient is different, so without seeing you, it's impossible to tell how long treatment will take. I have been performing Invisalign treatment for 6 years now and have done conventional orthodontics (braces) since 1997 so I have a lot of experience in both. I find that Invisalign usually takes a little less time than conventional orthodontics IF the patient is very compliant (wears their aligners for the prescribed 22 hours/day minimum) and the patient is a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment in the first place.

Most of my patients are adults who had braces as a kid, didn't wear their retainers, and have experienced re-crowding. Most of my patients find that they can complete their Invisalign treatment in 9-12 months if the crowding is not too severe.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

On average, cases usually take anywhere from 1 year to 2.

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Your individual treatment timing will be estimated based on a number of factors including your bite, alignment of your teeth, and genetics. On average, cases usually take anywhere from 1 year to 2.

Zach Casagrande, DDS, MS, PC
Ashburn Orthodontist

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

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Invisalign treats simple cases in 4-6 months. The more difficult cases take 9 months to a year -- most cases don't take much longer than 18 months.

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