Invisalign on Teeth with Permanent Bridges and Veneers?

I have an overbite from thumbsucking as a child. I had laminate veneers done on my top 6 teeth, but would still like to correct the overbite on my 2 front teeth. I also have permanent attached bridges on both sides of my upper teeth. I am 39 years old. Can I use Invisalign on teeth that have permanent bridges and veneers? Can it possibly to correct the overbtie? Thank you.

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It is very possible to move teeth that have either veneers or bridges on them.

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It is very possible to move teeth that have either veneers or bridges on them. While it is certainly more difficult to move teeth connected by a bridge than it is individual teeth, it is possible and done every day. You should consult with an experienced Invisalign orthodontist who can explain to you the possibilities and limitations of tooth movement using Invisalign. I am certain that you will be happy with the correction of the overbite that you are wanting to address.

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Invisalign After Bridges and Veneers

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If you are happy with the appearance of your dental work on the top teeth, you may use Invisalign to improve your bite. Another option would be for you to use porcelain on your lower teeth to correct your bite (a procedure called opening your bite). I would recommend looking into this option with a highly-trained cosmetic dentist, especially if you would like to improve the appearance of your top teeth. Look over both options (Invisalign and Porcelain) with your dentist.

It CAN be done, but some things may need to be redone

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Invisalign is told in the beginning what teeth are crowns, bridges or implants and is taken into consideration when planning. The software will "virtually" plan the case, and from that you can decide if the effect is what you want. The bridges will only move as a group and not behave as individual teeth. However, you might find that a better result would be from redoing some or all of the previous dental work once the teeth are in a new position. Or not.

While many things CAN be done, you must decide if the final outcome is worth the time and fee involved.

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