Invisalign Cost for Minor Case?

I had braces almost 10 years ago. I now have slight spacing in my front teeth. My dentist recommended Invisalign express. He quoted me $3100. I think this is a little expensive for an express case. What do you all charge for a very minor case? I was expecting around $1800-$2000. Should I still go thru with it or look for someone else? Thanks!

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$2800-$3500 for minor case of Invisalign

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Depends on whether or not your case needs attachments or not and how difficult it is. Cases are based on the doctor's time that will be needed for each case. It's always a sliding scale. And this is a Beverly Hills fee that I am quoting.

Los Angeles Dentist

The fee varies with geography

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In the seattle area, Invisalign Express runs $2800 to $3500, so your quoted fee is pretty average.  There are other alternatives, but the lab fee alone with Invisalign makes it difficult to be flexible.

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