How Long Does Infection Stay in Your Jaw After a Wisdom Tooth is Removed?

I have been on antibiotics for 8 days. The tooth has been out for going on 4 days. I can still feel a lump on my cheekbone and still have pain that is in my jaw and goes to my ear, but it's not severe. How long til this pain is gone and the infection is totally cleared up? It doesn't look like the socket is dry, it's moist and the hole is getting smaller everyday.

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Pain after wisdom tooth removal

The symptoms you have told are not of any infection. They are signs of proper healing wound. The socket does take some time to heal up after the tooth removal. Although there is no major pain after 3-4 days in most cases, you may take about 2 weeks to start feeling absolutely normal on that side. Just keep the area clean with some mouthwash as may have been prescribed by your dentist.

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