Still in Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed in February and have been back almost weekly to see the dentist, initially as the molar was sensitive and (always ignored) my jaw has been hurting. Yesterday the dentist removed a bit of bone and put something in the hole to relieve pain and prevent infection. However, I'm still in pain and what's worse is the other side of my jaw is also hurting. I haven't got full use of jaw and can't bite or chew on the left side. Any thoughts?

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Pain after wisdom tooth extraction

The reason you may be still experiencing pain is due to "dry soccket". This is very painful and does last for a bit of time. Next time you see your doctors ask about any antibiotics, there may be more involved in your case. If you are now experiencing pain on the other side, seeing and oral Surgeon may be a good idea. Set up a consult and feel free to let him/her know about the ongoing pain you are experiencing.

Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

You might have developed a "dry socket" which can be very painful and colud take weeks to heal. If your dentist is not an oral surgeon, you might want to have a consult with an oral surgeon if you don't start getting relief soon.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Dry Socket

It sounds like you have a dry socket.  The dressing that your doctor placed, should relieve the pain.  But if the pain is still present you may need to have the dressing changed.  The reason that your other side is hurt now as well, most likely is your pain on one side has decreased and now you are noticing the other side.  I would go back and have a dressing placed in both sockets.  If you are far from the dentist.  Oil of Clove can be dropped into the socket for some relief.  Whole food and other health stores carry this.

Anthony J. Rega, DDS
San Ramon Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

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