How Long Would It Take to Fix a Larger Sized Gap in the Top Teeth?

Im 20 years old, and I have a slightly larger than medium gap in my top two front teeth, and smaller gaps in the next three teeth on each side of my front teeth, I also have an overbite. I used to suck my thumb as a child, so Im pretty sure that is what caused this. My parents could never afford to get me braces, but now I am looking to get either braces or invisalign. Which would be better for me to get and about how long would it take to fix my teeth? thanks

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Just based on your photo, this is a pretty complicated case. Closing your gaps sounds easy but the top teeth have to fit with the bottom teeth and I don't think you have much of an "overbite". Actually you have a bit of a cross bite on the left hand side with one of your top teeth biting BEHIND a bottom tooth. This is also callednan underbite. This will make it very difficult to close the top gaps. Bottom treatment will also be required to move the bottom teeth back so the top spaces can be closed. Seek out a consultation and make sure you understand the big picture.

Akron Orthodontist

Choose invisalign which is now available in india

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it looks like ,the width of the upper teeth is smaller as compared to your jaw the teeth are converging in shape at inscisal edges.spaces can be closed,but emrasures will be divergent leading to unesthetic smile.consider invisalign/damon braces followed by ceramic veneers .

Aashish Mathesul, MDS
India Orthodontist

You need a thorough cosmetic consultation

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From the picturesYour bit looks correctable with tooth movement, the gap, however, looks more difficult and may need bonding or veneers. An orthodontist will know whether the tooth size on top matche the tooth size on the bottom. If they don't you will need bonding to close spaces.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

5-8 months to close a gap like that.

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Its hard to say from the pix as to what condition your bite is in on all your other teeth. To close gaps like yours tho,in general,is from 5-8 months under normal conditions. You can go for a free consult and find out for certain the estimated time for treatment would be...Dr Thomas

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Fixing a large gap in the top front teeth...videos

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I would refer you to youtube, because here, in your case, a picture speaks a thousand words! Please go to youtube and type in the search box  "invisalign closes large gaps between teeth" or just put in " invisalign closes large gaps in front teeth". Here you will find a ton of patient videos showing you before and after pictures, along with their testimonials on the invisalign procedure as well as traditional braces. If I were you at 20, I would opt for the invisalign and find a  good orthodontist or a general dentist that is experienced in invsalign.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Time to close gaps with Invisalign can vary

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As a rule of thumb, Invisalign moves teeth 0.2mm per aligner, each aligner used for two weeks.  A gap as shown likely will take a couple months to close.  Traditional brackets likely will work faster, but with all their drawbacks.

Large gap in the middle

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With Invisalign we can close gaps very easily.

The INvisalign system will close the front middle gap within 3-4 months. Gaps will then develop on either side of the 2 front teeth, which will then be closed next. All in all the gaps get ransferred to the back of the arch.

You should be looking at small white buttons on the front teeth and about 1 year with Invisalign.


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