Questions About Invisalign Extra Costs?

Hi! I'm 28. Never had braces. Teeth are worse now. May want invisalign. Read reviews. Cost is my issue. People say some things aren't included like final retainer. Also, some need braces after the process. Is that free? Some mention lab fees. Question is, what are all the things NOT included in the cost everyone's quoting? Also, are payment plans rare? I can't afford $5k+ in one shot, but can a few hundred a month. Thanks!

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Invisalign Cost - Braces - Orthodontist

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Every office handles fees differently, but generally retainers are included with your orthodontic treatment.  Payment plans are common.  With Invisalign you can expect a larger down payment then with braces, due to the higher lab fee to the doctor.  In our office, everything is included in your original quote.  I can't speak for every office, but I believe that is how it is usually handled.  These are good questions to ask at your initial consultation.

Pensacola Orthodontist

Extra costs for Invisalign

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There shouldn't be any extra costs for Invsalign. The doctor can quote you for the treatment, and retaining the teeth in their position when you are completed. Those may be 2 separate quotes or not. If the doctor is going to charge you for mid course corrections, or finishing/final tweeks to your teeth, they should tell you that.

Fillings, crowns, should all be quoted separately.

M. Andrew Atwood, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Extra costs are possible but not probable.

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Each office is different regarding costs of treatment. Some quote a low fee to get you into treatment then charge more at the end of treatment for the retainers. Make sure you get all the up front fees quoted to you during the consult. If invisalign is done right then you will not need regular braces after. There are finance companies that you can prequalify for like CareCredit that can get you treatment for around $200 a month...

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Invisalign cost and payments

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Dear patient,

When the dental office gives you a total for your Invisalign treatment that includes everything. The prices vary around $5000, you are right. That sum includes EVERYTHING, as I said, the aligners, the lab fee, the dentist fee. Everything. In any case it is better to ask the dental office before the treatment.

Now, there are ways to deal with that $5000.

One way is to apply and be accepted for Care Credit which pays the total $ 5000 and you repay by installments or another way, is to make a down payment for let's say $2000 - $2500 up front at the beginning of treatment and then pay the rest in installments (depending on the dental office).

Best of luck,
Dr. Barba

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
Santa Ana Dentist

Every office sets their own fee for Invisalign

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Each office will decide what is included with their fee, as well as financing options, total fee and just about everything else.  It would be best to interview a few offices to see what is offered and decide from there.

Invisalign costs vary- ask your Dr. the right questions

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Hi! Invisalign prices vary by region, length of treatment time, and doctor office.  When you are quoted a price, ask what that includes as some offices do have hidden fees.  Does that include the records as well as invisalign treatment? Does the fee include invisalign refinements if needed? Does the fee include retainers? Does the fee include braces if needed at the end?

In my office, I tell all my patients up front what the cost includes, and it is all inclusive. Regarding payment options, I can only speak for my office, where we do have different payment options including a no interest monthly payment plans. 

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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