How Long Does Dry Eye Last After Eyelid Revision?

About 7 months ago I had double eyelid surgery.4 months later I went with the same surgeon for a revision for some eyelid ptosis (levator resection). After this surgery, I didn't notice any dry eye symptoms) but at about 10-11 weeks, the dry eye became a lot worse (dry spots, burning,etc).Surgeon said it should have went away by 4 weeks and doesn't know why my tear production is so low (according to ophtamology). I thought in most cases it goes away after a month. Should i worry?

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After eyelid revision, dry eye can last for a long time

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After eyelid revision, dry eye can last for a long time. It really depends but it can be permanent if there’s eyelid malposition or if the eyes aren’t closing properly. It really depends, and you certainly can have temporary dry eye which you should treat. Sometimes surgery may be required and often using Restasis can be helpful to increase tear production.

Eye looks better but it is dry

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Some temporary dryness of the eyes is common after blepharoplasty and responds very well to lubricating eye drops.  However, with ptosis dry eyes are almost always the rule. When the eyes are not open completely the amount of tear needed to keep them moist is less.  When the eyes are surgically opened more, the water on the eye is able to evaporate more and the eyes can become dry.  It is really important to increase the moisture on the surface of the eye to prevent severe irritation, some patient even need to have their tear ducts plugged temporarily to compensate.  The most important thing is to see an expert, either a plastic surgeon specializing in advanced eyelid surgery or an ophthalmologist. 

Julius W. Few, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Eye dryness after eyelid surgery

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You need to start doing hourly eyelid exercises - 20-30 forced eyelid closures every hour. Basically, squeeze your eyelids closed and then relax. Over time, this will stretch the tissues and stregnthen the orbicularis muscle that is responsible for eyelid closure and blinking. In addition, continue to use over the counter lubricants - drops during the day and ointment at night.  You might want to ask your doctor to consider placing punctum plugs to increase the tear availability.  Your provider could also consider Restasis drops, which also helps with dry eyes.  

Richard Weiss, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Dry eye after levator resection

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Sometimes after a blepharoplasty and/or levator resection patients get dry eye. Usually this is a temporary situation.  Sometimes the patients have trouble completely closing their eyelids at night, and this contributes to the problem. You shoudl be evaluated by yoru doctor and perhaps see an ophthamologist as well.

Dear Azn in Oregon

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What you had was a blepharoplasty and a levator resection or elevation of the eyelid level.  There is more room for evaporation and there can be dryness.  

There are three component to the tear film and I would advise you to see your surgeon and get a work up because there are many useful treatments for the issue you have.   I think all should go well with youl

All the best,  Dr. Boxrud, Oculofacial Specialist  

Cynthia Boxrud, MD
Santa Monica Oculoplastic Surgeon

Best Way to Evaluate Dry Eye After Blepharoplasty and Ptosis Repair

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Hi Azn,

Best to share your concerns about your dry eye with your surgeon, and get another opinion from a qualified opthalmologist as well.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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