Should Teeth be Shaven and Bonded Before or After Invisalign?

Looked healthy before. I wanted to remove 1 bottom veneer (illusion of straight teeth.) Front teeth bunched over 2 side teeth. Extract problem back teeth. Got Invisalign to straighten before replacing extracted teeth. Assumed better to let Invisalign move my teeth, then put in implants? Composite fills the Invisalign tray until then. Why isn't there clear "button" composite? Hate my fat front teeth, hope 2 shave & bond to longer front teeth Should I have shaved/bonded before invisalign?

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Many questions in that paragraph...but wait till after.

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No. I think you should wait till all your teeth are aligned then you can your dentist can decide which teeth need or should have bonding or veneers to fix them..Always use your own teeth when possible. Once a veneer is done is will need to be redone every 10-15 years..Keep your own..!!

Los Angeles Dentist

Restorations should be done after Invisalign

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If porcelain veneers or composite veneers are to be done, they should be done after teeth have moved into the ideal space, otherwise the restorations may get in the way.

Invisalign buttons are generally tooth colored and not transparent or clear.  Clear materials usually appear grey, so they would be LESS invisable than what you have.

Invisalign before bonding and implants

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We like to align teeth prior to any implants or bonding/veneers.  When the teeth are aligned, it is better to view the placement for the implants and to place a permanent veneer or bonding.  You may be surprised how beautiful your front teeth are after the Invisalin is completed.  It may be that the teeth on the side of the front teeth are a bit small.  

Bonding and implants after Invisalign

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It appears that you are doing the right things: correcting the tooth positions and bite and then having bonding and tooth replacements done.  The key to getting a great result is to have a close communication between your orthodontist and your general dentist regarding the tooth positions and bite.  This way the final tooth positions will facilitate the restorative work and lead to the best smile and bite possible. 

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Recommend bonding after invisalign

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Hi. . . I would recommend having invisalign before your implants are placed. I would also recommend you have invisalign before your bondings.  From the photo it looks as though your upper left lateral is in a mild crossbite. Invisalign will be done to align your teeth and get your bite in the best position as well as set up your teeth and proper spacing and alignment for the future restorative work that you are going to have done. Your orthodontist will work with your restorative dentist to come up with the treatment plan so that they teeth are moved in the best position for the health and function of your mouth and the future restorative work.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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