Why Do I Still Have Space Between my Teeth?

I was told i was going to wear invisalign for 8 months, im done with my top but i still have space between my 4 front teeth and now im three aligners away from being done with my bottom teeth but still thes space. Can someone answer me why is there still spacing between my teeth?

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Refinement is a normal part of many cases

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I would say that a third of our cases need some refinement a the end of treatment.  In fact, the more Invisalign I do, the better I get at seeing things that can be improved a little at the end of the main round of treatment.  Invisalign is amazing in terms of how well they predict how your body will respond to orthodontic forces, but a computer cannot perfectly predict what a biological system will do.  Hang in there!  You'll be so happy when your teeth are perfect.

Best of luck!

Memphis Dentist

Space between teeth

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Could be a number of reasons:

1. The spaces are programmed to close over the last few sets of aligners

2. Too much "slenderizing" was done

3. Your upper front teeth are unusually small and the spaces will need to be closed with bonding or veneer

4. You may need some additional aligners at the end to fine tune the results

You should ask your doctor what going on!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

It can and should be fixed.

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Spaces can be closed with Invisalign. You will need to have additional aligners made to close those spaces. At the same time other details can be addressed with those additional aligners. You will be fine.

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
Encino Orthodontist

Spaces remaining after Invisalign is finished

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Even though your upper aligners are "finished" there is more work to do.  Your orthodontist will probably be taking a new set of impressions to do a "case refinement" once the lowers are finished.  There are several reasons why spaces could remain between your teeth; it could be that the computerized set up did not close the spaces (unlikely), it could be that you need some bite correction, or it could be simply be that the teeth did not do exactly what the computer predicted they would.   Whatever the reason, it should be possible to have more aligners made that will solve the problem.  Be sure to ask your orthodontist about achieving this final correction.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist


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I hope your doctor told you that you might need refinements after the treatment is done.

After you are done with the last aligners your doctor will take a new impression and send to the align technology for new aligners.

So, there is more to go on your treatment.

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
Santa Ana Dentist

Why Are There Still Spaces After Invisalign is Finished

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This is a GREAT question and one that should be discussed with your dentist. Invisalign is a fine tool for moving teeth but sometimes the teeth don't behave in nature the way the computer generated model predicts they will behave. When you have worn all of your Invisalign aligners and you are not satisfied with the results then a "case refinement" is done. This normally intails taking new impressions and basically starting over from where you are. These case refinements are usually accomplished in three months or less and don't usually cost additional money, unless your original treatment was 10 aligners or fewer, then there could be a nominal fee. 

Sometimes there are excess spaces at the end of treatment because your teeth are small or misshaped. If this is the case it most assuredly would have been discussed with your dentist before treatment began.

Good luck!

Invisalign is not perfect

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Sometimes teeth don't move as expected, so a mid course correction is done. This is simply done by additional impressions and new aligners. Often a single correction is included in the original fee.

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