How Long Does It Take Before You See Radiofrequency Tightening of Neck Results?

I had radiofrequency of neck along with mini neck lift, 2 months ago and my doctor says it is still swollen and wants to see me in 2 months. He is happy with the neck lift (says it's "tight"). Personally, I cannot see that it is swollen. I know doctors have said the results are immediate, but in my case, they are not. What is your take on this? Thank you!

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Results after mini neck lift and RF skin tifgtening

Neither of these procedures are likely to produce dramatic results.

The combination of the two procedures performed simultaneously or very close to each other may lead to swelling that lasts longer than if they are performed separately but I would expect that the swelling should settle by two to three months.

The results of RF skin tightening may take a good three months to become apparent because the results depend on collagen remodeling but the neck lift results should be noticeable pretty much straight away after surgery.

I usually tell my patients that RF skin tightening is likely to lead to an improvement of 10 to 20 percent and a mini neck lift probably a little bit more

(but not necessarily additive).

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Radio-frequency Tightening of the Skin

Don't hold your breath.  You are not going to see a significant result.  The result you received from the actual surgical procedure is likely the result that you are going to have.  The current radio-frequency skin tightening procedures produce mild, if any, and only temporary skin tightening.  If any of the "swelling" that your doctor says you have goes away, you may actually end up with looser appearing skin than you do now.


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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Radiofrequency Skin Tightening of the Neck

Your main result is going to come from the neck lift.  Though I am not sure what type of procedure was done and how 'mini' the lift was.  RF skin tightening does work but the results aren't the same as surgery, and it helps to do a series of treatments and then maintain them to improve the result.  It is a good option when there is not a lot of neck sagging and in patients who do not wish to undergo surgery.  

Thomas A. Pane, MD
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Radiofrequency TIghtening

With non-surgical tightening of the skin there is usually an immediate temporary effect from the heating of the collagen fibers.  This usually goes away shortly after the treatment. The more long term effect tends to take 3-6 for the collagen to remodel.  This is about the amount of time it takes for the swelling to fully resolve.  Discuss this matter further with your surgeon. Best wishes.

Robert F. Centeno, MD, FACS
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