How long until you can you have sex after a Tummy Tuck?

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How long until you can you have sex after a Tummy Tuck?

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Interesting question.  I have an interesting story about this.  When I first came into practice 25 years ago, I told one of my patients who was six weeks after a tummy tuck that she could now go back to her normal activities including relations with her husband.  This is what we had been taught, to abstain from any strenuous activity, including sex, for 6 weeks after a tummy tuck.  She said surprisingly: "What? You mean we weren't supposed to until now?"  I said: "What do you mean?" and she said "Doctor, you really think I could keep my husband away for more than one week?  We've been doing it since the first week".  So, there is your answer, there are no set rules and you have to decide whether your body allows it or not.

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Sexual Activity after Tummy Tuck

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Like most things during your recovery, there are not typically absolute rules related to when certain activities can be restarted. Some surgeons will ask you to use your own body as a guide, avoiding those things that are especially painful until they are less so. Other surgeons will have a strict set of guidelines to follow. Some are in between.  My suggestion would be to check with your surgeon. You have likely chosen him or her because there is some trust in your relationship and you surgeon would likely appreciate the opportunity to be your best resource for this type of question.
Dr. Pyle

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Intercurse after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question. It is important to realize that the amount of time it takes for recovery varies greatly among individuals. Depending on the extent of your abdominoplasty and your general physical condition. Any sexual activity should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks.Dhaval M. Patel Double board certified Plastic surgeon Hoffman Estates BarringtonOakbrook Chicago

Dhaval M. Patel, MD
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Sex after surgery

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This largely depends on how extensive your procedure was. Always best to check with your plastic surgeon for the best advice. I generally allow most of my tt patients to have sex after six weeks with the woman in the top position so she is in control to make it less likely for an injury to occur.

Sexual activity after tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.  I would wait closer to six weeks with a tummy tuck as the abdominal region requires more healing before it can tolerate more strenuous activity.

Sex after Tummy Tuck

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Becoming intimate after abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is highly variable and depends on each individual. It depends on how active you are and how long it takes your pain to comfortably subside. You should not do any abdominal exercises for 10 weeks but sex is generally acceptable after at least 3-4 weeks as long as you are gentle. Having sex before 3-4 weeks can put you more at risk for complications so it is best to be careful. Be sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon to see what their specific recommendations are as well.

Sex After Tummy Tuck

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Common sense prevails! If it hurts, you shouldn't do it. If it doesn't hurt, you are probably fine. There are so many variables, possibilities, and positions that one has to use common sense. Check with your surgeon for specific post op instructions.

George C. Peck, Jr, MD
West Orange Plastic Surgeon
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Sexual activity and tummy tuck

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I generally recommend no heavy lifting or strenuous activity (including straining) for 5-6 weeks after surgery.   Sexual activity will get your heart rate and blood pressure up, so I would advise taking it easy during this time period.  You don't want to engage in activity that can increase the risk of bleeding (hematoma), seroma, or worse, do something where you may tear open your incision.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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